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Welcome to Tobishima Kaido cycle route, the last hidden treasure of Japan's Seto Inland Sea region.
Hop on your bike and experience the real beauty of the Seto Inland Sea,

known for its stunning archipelagoes and gentle waves.
Explore the islands where the traditions of old Japan are still alive. Be inspired by people you meet and adventures you encounter.
Discover a new perspective on life.


Located in the Seto Inland Sea, the seven islands of the Tobishima Kaido form a picturesque archipelago offering stunning views of the glistening sea. The ancient harbor towns hark back to an age when the region was a hub of maritime trade.

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  • Two-Day Trip A one night and two days cycling trip filled with fun. Enjoy local food and adventures as you travel around the Tobishima Kaido.

    Cycle across the Akinada-Ohashi (Grand Bridge), enjoy “Okonomiyaki”, the must-eat local favourite. After strolling around the town of Mitarai, you will be treated to a delicious dinner cooked on a traditional Japanese hearth. Enjoy island activities such as SUP (stand up paddle) and Japanese tea ceremony.

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  • One-Day Trip Seven enchanting islands linked by seven magical bridges. Each with their own story to tell.

    Enjoy lunch in the town of Mitarai on Osakishimojima Island after a fun coastal ride. Explore the magical landscapes of the seven bridges. Experience a Japanese tea ceremony in Shimokamakarijima Island on your way back. A round trip around the Tobishima Kaido offers a whole day of cycling fun.

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  • One-Day Trip A full day cycling for at an easy pace with the added bonus of an unforgettable creative experience. A single journey across the Tobishima Kaido.

    Cycle through cobblestone streets, cross the Kamagari-Ohashi Bridge and have lunch on Kamikamagarijima Island. Meet a local artist on Toyoshima Island and try your hand at painting. Then continue on to Mitarai for some desserts. This leisurely paced option will take you through the Tobishima Kaido, finishing at Okamura Port.

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History, culture, people.
Island treasures.
Come and discover them all.

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Bike Rental

We have 35 perfectly maintained rental bicycles in six different types to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey through the Tobishima Kaido.

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Only one hour from Hiroshima Bus Center.

Easily accessed by trains or busses from Hiroshima Bus Center. It’s only a short trip to experience island life.

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Tobishima Kaido is made up of seven islands and seven bridges each with their own charms. As you ride along the cycle way, you will be mesmerised by the views of the stunning archipelago on the glistening Seto Inland Sea.

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