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Tobishima Kaido is made up of seven islands and seven bridges each with their own charms.

As you ride along the cycle way, you will be mesmerised by the views of the stunning archipelago on the glistening Seto Inland Sea.

From the ancient times, the Seto Inland Sea has been a part of an important route for maritime trade, connecting mainland China with the Japanese Imperial Court in Nara and Kyoto. Around the Tobisima Kaido, you will see many old ports “awaiting favourable tides”, as the locals affectionately call them.

These ports are much cherished landscapes of this area and reminiscent of its rich and vibrant history. Historically, this area has hosted many international envoys from countries such as Netherlands and Korea. For centuries, this was an exciting region where old local traditions met exotic foreign cultures.

The cycling route has been designed for riders to travel along the scenic coastline and enjoy the feeling of the sea breeze. With less traffic and ups and downs, it offers a truly enjoyable cycling experience for all.

It is 35km from the first island to the last, making it the perfect distance to complete in a day. Make sure you don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience if you plan to visit Hiroshima.

Seven Colourful Islands

Of the seven islands in the Tobishima Kaido, two are uninhabited. Discover the diversity in culture and history that each island offers.


    This island prospered as a key location for maritime transport and trade during the Edo period (1600-1868). Many respected and distinguished figures visited Shimokamagarijima Island including Korean envoys and feudal lords of western Japan during their obligatory processions to the capital. For a small island, it has a variety of attractions that remind us of the island’s glorious past including galleries, museums and gardens.


    A much-loved retreat for Hiroshima locals, the “Kenmin-no-hama" (Hiroshima Citizen’s Beach) offers a variety of attractions including a beautiful beach, a hot spring and an astronomical observation center. They also offer sea activities such as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and sea kayaks. Mt. Nanakunimiyama, 457m above sea level, is the highest mountain of the island and there is a great trail for hiking and trail running.

  • 03 TOYOSHIMA 豊島

    Located in the center of the Tobishima Kaido, Toyoshima Island is famous for its skilled fishermen who catch the highly prized scabbard fish. Fishing boats and exuberant fishermen are a part of the island’s vibrant landscape. Discover typical old fishing villages where local traditions are still observed. The island is so quintessentially Japanese that they have even been the subject of ethnological studies.


    If you want to time travel back a few hundred years to when the Seto Inland Sea was bustling with merchant ships, take a walk around the old streets and alleys of Mitarai harbor. The whole town is designated as an “Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings”.

  • 05 HEIRAJIMA 平羅島

    Only 0.15 ㎢in size, this small uninhibited island is connected to Osakishimojima Island by Hera Bridge as well as to Nakanoshima Island by Nakano Seto Ohashi Grand Bridge.

  • 06 NAKANOSHIMA 中ノ島

    Only 0.25 ㎢in size, this small uninhibited island is connected to Herashima Island by Nakano Seto Ohashi Grand Bridge as well as to Okamurajima Island by Okamura Ohashi Grand Bridge.

  • 07 OKAMURAJIMA 岡村島

    With a population of 300, Okamura is the smallest inhabited island on the Tobishima Kaido.
    The entire island has a relaxed and laid back feeling to it. The island landscapes of old Japan remain unchanged.
    This is the only island of the Tobishima Kaido cycle way that falls within the boundaries of Imabari City and Ehime Prefecture, not Hiroshima Prefecture. Okamura Port is connected to Shikoku by ferries.

Bike Rental

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Two-Day Trip

After strolling the town of Mitarai, you will be treated with a hearth cooked dinner. Enjoy island activities such as SUP (stand up paddle) and Japanese tea ceremony.

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