Japanese Cycling legend “Harukichi Nakamura”

Cycling legend “Harukichi Nakamura”, known to have travelled around the world on a bicycle.

In 1902, the 30 year old Harukichi Nakamura embarked on a world journey for his new business.
His choice of transport was bicycle, being the most economical. This daring story of Nakamura having traveled the world on a bicycle inspired many back then.
Even today cyclists come to pay respect to his achievement.

The pioneer Japanese cyclist born in Mitarai on Osaki Shimojima Island.

His birthplace of Mitarai has been gaining reputation as a sacred place for cyclists, not only for Nakamura’s bravery for his extremely tough adventures, but also for returning home safely.
The “Harukichi Nakamura” monument with his photograph can be found on the path leading to the Mitarai Tenmangu Shrine.


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