Enjoy “Matcha” green tea in the historical Japanese building “Hakusetsuro“

Experience the Japanese culture through traditional architecture

Hakusetsuro (White Snow House) was relocated to its current site in the mid 1800s by Kikoku Yamaji, a wealthy farmer from Fukuyama. Hakusetsuro was originally his grandfather’s retreat in Kyoto. Kikoku renovated the building and added an extra floor that became a space dedicated to the study of Chinese literature.

In the top floor study, you can see a reproduction of engraved ceiling boards with literature by the great Chinese poet Su Shi of Northern Song Dynasty.

On the ground floor, there is a room containing a rotating wall panel, which is an extremely rare architectural feature to find in a traditional Japanese building. Your matcha green tea will be served in this unique room.

Highlights of the experience.

Point 1

Quintessential Japanese Architecture and Gardens

The views of the Seto Inland Sea from the top floor of the “Hakusetsuro” will take your breath away. It’s a space to relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.


Point 2

District with many cultural facilities

The Hakusetsuro is located on Shimokamagarijima Island. This island has many facilities and buildings of cultural importance.

Shotoen Garden houses world class artwork, which was registered as a UNESCO Memory of the World in 2017.“Picture Scroll of the Bizen Fleet Serving Chosen Tsushinshi” illustrates one of Korea’s historic diplomatic missions to Japan. Ranshima Kaku Art Museum regularly holds concerts in its art gallery, inviting many prominent and emerging musicians.
Ranto Interest Cultural Promotion Foundation: http://www.shimokamagari.jp/

Reservation summary

Fees and conditions

  • Fee: 400 yen / per person (incl. tax)
  • Included in the fee: admission, matcha (Japanese green tea)
  • Duration: No time limit
  • Payment: cash only


Contact Information

  • Organizer: Ranto Interest Cultural Promotion Foundation
  • Call: +81-823-65-3066


NAME Hakusetsuro
OPEN 9:00am - 17:00pm
CLOSE Tuesday. Year End and New Year holidays
ADDRESS 197 Sannose, Shimokamagari-cho, Kure-shi, Hiroshima

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