【Restaurant】Katsura Tei

Treat your taste buds with fisherman’s food using fresh local seafood from the Seto Island Sea.
The restaurant offers a mouth-watering feast filled with a variety of local delights such as octopus and sashimi.


Contact Information

  • Store Name: Katsura Tei
  • Call: +81-823-66-0114


NAME Katsura Tei
OPEN 11:00am - 14:00pm, 17:00pm - 21:00pm
CLOSE Tuesday
ADDRESS 2032-1 Miyazakari, Kamagari-cho, Kure-shi, Hiroshima

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Bike Rental

We have 35 perfectly maintained rental bicycles in six different types to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey through the Tobishima Kaido.

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