Easy paced cycling.
The Tobishima Kaido One way option

Japanese art experience in the
Tobishima Kaido

With this option, rather than returning to JR Nigata Station, you will ride through the Tobishima Kaido and finish at Okamura Port. You will encounter Japanese art and history along the way, helping you to understand more about the Tobishima Kaido and Japan as a whole.

Ride through stone paved streets, cross the Kamagari Ohashi Bridge before having lunch on Kamikamagarijima Island.
Meet an artist on Toyoshima Island for a painting experience followed by delicious sweets in Mitarai.
You will have a whole day to reach Okamura Port and complete the Tobishima Kaido cycle route.
This course is designed to allow you to take your time and ride at a leisurely pace.

8 hours

Take time to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Eight hours is enough time to take lots of breaks and snap lots of photos.

35 km

You will cover 35km in one day while cycling at an easy pace.

Come to the islands that welcome you like a family.

Take time to explore the islands. Meet the locals, get creative and learn the history. You will find culture and customs unique to this area of Japan.

  • Pick up your bicycle at JR Nigata Station
  • Let’s start cycling. Your island adventure begins
  • Stone pavement of Shimokamagarijima Island
  • Meet the island locals

Street vendor style udon noodle shop

The "zenbu-nose" (udon noodles with all the toppings) is the most popular item on the menu. The husband and wife team who run the udon restaurant from their small kitchen van are friendly and very welcoming.

  • Let’s get creative with a Chise Oride painting experience
  • The Toyohama Ohashi Bridge
  • The monument of Harukichi Nakamura in Mitarai tells a history on the Tobishima Kaido.
  • Return your bicycle at Okamura Port

Funayado Cafe
Wakacho has a
stunning view from
the top floor.

Relax and unwind at a cafe that offers delicious sweets made with local citrus fruit.



History, culture, people.
Island treasures.
Come and discover them all.

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Bike Rental

We have 35 perfectly maintained rental bicycles in six different types to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey through the Tobishima Kaido.

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Take a train or bus from Hiroshima to the Tobishima Kaido.
It is a great destination even for a day.

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