Cycle and explore all the islands
1 night 2 days option

Enjoy local food and activities

This option is for those who want to stay the night on an island and take time to enjoy the culture and amazing landscapes.
In any season, you can experience fun activities along the way.

Cross the Akinada Ohashi Bridge, ride along the coast and have Hiroshima’s soul food “Okonomiyaki” for lunch. After having a look around the town of Mitarai, enjoy dinner over a sunken hearth. Start off the next day with SUP boarding in the sea and finish with a memorable island activity such as the Japanese matcha green tea experience.

32 hours

A full day cycling from 9am to 5pm on your first day. On the second day, have fun on Kamikamagarijima Island by trying the local attractions and activities.

85 km

Enjoy 60km of long distance cycling on your first day. On your second day you will only ride 25 km allowing more time for activities and sightseeing.

Your own cycling adventure begins

Riding from the first island of the Tobishima Kaido to the last, you will be surrounded by amazing views of the Seto Inland Sea. Enjoy the Tobishima Kaido islands to your heart’s content.

  • Pick up your bicycle at JR Nigata Station
  • Let’s start cycling. Your island adventure begins
  • Cross the Toyoshima Ohashi Bridge
  • Lunch at Toyoshima Island. Have Hiroshima’s soul food “Okonomimyaki”

Travel back in time to the Edo Period (1603 - 1868)

Explore historical towns with old alleys, traditional architecture and quaint harbors. They are reminiscent of a time when the Seto Inland Sea was a vibrant region bustling with traders and merchant ships.

  • The Okamura Ohashi Bridge. Turnaround point of the Tobishima Kaido (Border of Hiroshima and Ehime Prefectures)
  • Explore Shimokamagarijima Island
  • Sunken hearth dining
  • Watch a sunset over the Seto Inland Sea

Chef’s surprise dinner

You will be served a delicious Japanese dinner using local produce from the Seto Inland Sea, including a seafood pot and grilled fish cooked in a sunken hearth. You will have a dedicated island chef attending to your needs for two hours while you dine.

Meet the locals and get a sense of island life

On your second day, try some activities unique to the island.
Meet the gentle locals and experience Japanese culture.

  • Try SUP boarding in summer
  • Enjoy lunch at Kenmin-no-hama (Hiroshima Citizen’s Beach)
  • Head to Shimokamagari Island
  • Find your island souvenirs

Enjoy an authentic Japanese experience in historical buildings

Enjoy matcha green tea served in a traditional tatami room looking out on to a delightful Japanese garden.



History, culture, people.
Island treasures.
Come and discover them all.

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Bike Rental

We have 35 perfectly maintained rental bicycles in six different types to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey through the Tobishima Kaido.

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One-Day Trip

Explore the magical landscapes of the seven bridges. Experience Japanese tea ceremony in Shimokamakarijima island on your way back. A round trip of Tobishima Kaido offers a whole day of cycling fun.

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